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A Commitment to the Working Man is Dennis Martire’s Legacy

February 18, 2020
Dennis Martire

Dennis Martire’s long-term steady advancement insidethe Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) stands as a testament to his years of commitment and dedication to the union's membership. Dennis considers it a personal mission to better the working conditions and provide all laborers with good paying and secure jobs.Whereas his career with LiUNA began way back in 1990, currently, Dennis L. Martire has served as Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager for the prestigious labor union since January 2002.

His LiUNA career started way back in April 1990, when he became an International Representative for the LiUNA Jurisdictional Disputes Department. He subsequently went on to the union's Laborers' Construction Department, first as an assistant Director and then as the Director of that department.

Years ago, Dennis Martire also worked hand-in-hand with Montgomery County, Maryland officials to pass a prevailing wage law to ensure that working families could count on fair wages from their employers. Such wage laws also serve another purpose; to ensure that taxpayers receive a greater return on their public investments. Overwhelmingly, studies show that prevailing wage laws do not really drive up costs for employers, but they do improve worker efficiency, which means public works projects are completed faster and more easily, which is better for taxpayers and maximizes their investments.

Dennis Martire also oversees LiUNA’s top-notch training program, which serves to provide continuing training for members, as a way to assist them with performing their job-related tasks more competently and efficiently. This training is available in a wide range of subjects and specialties and it assists workers with advancing in their careers, as well as assuring their employers that union workers tend to be more efficient and cost-effective than other workers.